[Giải đề] BIG STEP TOEIC 3 – Actual Test 1 – Part 5 (101-140)

Chào các bạn! Phần Part 5 – Incomplete Sentences gồm các câu từ 101-140, tại phần này bạn phải vận dụng các kiến thức về ngữ pháp và từ vựng để có thể hoàn thành tốt nhất Part 5.

Xem thêm => Chiến lược làm Part 5 tốt nhất.

Sau khi trả lời xong tất cả, các bạn kéo xuống dưới cùng và ấn vào “Chấm điểm” để xem kết quả trả lời đúng/ sai thế nào nhé

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– Actual Test 1

– Đáp án

Bắt đầu làm bài test nhé các bạn !

Các bạn chú ý làm hết bài test part 5 gồm 40 câu rồi mới chấm điểm nhé!

101, We apologize for the delay in processing……loan application.


102, Every team member should meet with their immediate supervisor……the annual performance evaluation.


103, Over the past few years, there has been tremendous……in the international marriage business.


104, According to a new study, the United States will face ever increasing……in the global economy over the next decade.


105, By using the search function, you can search for words or sets of words……a specific article.


106,……our team should complete the project quickly, the manager will have to hire additional programming experts.


107, During the busy season, the ski resort will……reservations only for parties of five people or more.


108, As part of the trade conference, there will be a discussion……international trade policy.


109, Almost everyone who prepares to start a business finds that the financial projections and market analysis are……than they expected.


110, Attached is a……of the main agenda which should be addressed in the annual cooperate strategy meeting.


111. An Iraqi industrial delegation….due to arrive yesterday to Washington to discuss with Amerrican counterparts ways of cooperation and trade exchange.


112, One benefit of renting a house……buying is that you do not have to do any maintenance.


113, Even though there are…..available, the monthly commuter pass is the most economical way to commute.


114, Please visit our website to learn more about the innovative and……priced marketing services we offer.


115, The hotel is…..located in London’s downtown within walking distance from banks, post office and stores.


116, The New Products Development Department has been under the…..of Mr.Harmon for the past five years.


117, The conference organizer expressed their sincere thanks to Dr.Raymond,……gave an insightful speech at the opening session.


118, If any parts manufactured by Brown Machine Inc. should prove defective within one year from the date it is delivered new to the purchaser, the product will be……immediately.


119, The city council has proposed…….four municipal markets into modern shopping complexs and also five multi-level parking comlexes.


120, Due to the……nature of medical information, it should only be available to persons actively engaged in the treatment of the patient or in related administrative work.


121, Teachers should focus on teaching history properly because history is vital as…..as enjoyable.


122, Once your answer has been verified, you will be prompted to…..your account number and create a new PIN.


123, Over the years we have eamed the…..trust and confidence of hundreds of students worldwide through our unmatched performance in English education.


124, Our MBA School is making it easy for employer to access our talents by ……on-site interviews and recruiting sessions.


125, If you have….received an incorrect order or your shipment has arrived damaged, please see our Customer Service section for our Return Policy.


126, Large numbers of people are in need of emergency assistance in Eastern Africa….months of heavy rains associated with El Nino.


127, To ensure the accuracy of the survey results, all respondents must compele the questions by……


128, The Tokyo branch of the investment bank has launched an internal inquiry into the disappearance of a computer disk thought to contain highly….client information.


129, In order to use these materials for profit, you must gain formal….from our company in writing.


130, Language Bridge Co. provides…..structured and intensive Japaness language training programs through the Internet.


131, In an effort…..the need of students who have both the potential and the desire to complete curriculum more demanding than that offered in the regular classroom, the Board of Education will provide Advance Placement Programs.


132, Upon completion, the…..parking garage will offer convenient parking for both patients visiting the hospital and physicians in the medical office building.


133, The government officials and economists will miss together to discuss the way to effectively implement the economic ….. Proposed by the president.


134, The management of WalMex Electronics has decided to withdraw its business due to ….market conditions in the country.


135, By the time FDA discovered its illegal production, the tobacco company….several years to develop new narcotic tobacco products.


136, Becase company websites which contain to much information are usually igored by people, it is important to keep the information short and to the…..


137, A rapidly growing beverage company is seeking qualified and…. Regional and district sales managers to work with local distributors.


138, More than half of the companies surveyed indicated that they have no plans for new investment…..the global economy is recovering from the recent downturn.


139, According to a report, global oil demand is…..to be higher in 2007 and 2008 than initial forecast.


140, To raise awareness of your company and products, we may …. ask you to provide information to praticipate in certain voluntary promotions, surveys, or contests.


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