[Giải đề] BIG STEP TOEIC 3 – Actual Test 1 – Part 6 (141-152)

141 ~ 143,
Our organization has developed over 15,000 International Standards on a……of  subjects.
141, (A) varying
        (B) vary
        (C) various
        (D) variety

The full range of technical fields can be seen from the listing of International Standards.

Users can browse that listing to find bibliographic information on each standard and, in many cases, a brief……
142, (A) advance
         (B) abstract
(C) alternative
(D) progress
The following links lead to further information about specific standards or families of standards.
The listing, which reflects the standards users most often ask about, will be further developed and extended……user demand.
143 (A) in response to
(B) incombination with
(C) by means of
(D) in observance of

144 ~ 146
Welcome to Get That Job!
……a job can be a complicated and tiring process.
144.(A) find
(B) Found
(C) Finding
(D) Finds

Sometimes you just don’t know where to start looking, let alone how to persuade a company that you are the best person for the job!

This site is full of activities and quzzes to build on your knowledge of career-related vocabulary and offer some tips on things like…….put together a good C.V. or do well in an interview.
145. (A) to
(B) when
(C) that
(D) how to

You can work your way through this site step by step, from’Job Search ‘ to ‘Interviews’-just click on ‘What’s next?’ on the right of the page each time you have completed an activity. Or you can go straight to whichever units are of most interest to you……using the links at the top of the page.
146. (A) in
(B) forward
(C) by
(D) upon

Happy job hunting!

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