[Giải đề] Economy TOEIC RC 1000 Volume 1 – Actual Test 3 – Part 6

Questions 141-143 refer to the following article.

Is there a way to prevent jet lag?
Jet lag is a sleep disturbance.—— common symptoms of jet lag are fatigue and irritability.



One of the most recommended ways of reducing its effects is to adjust to the new time zone of your destination.

Research into the effects of natural light on the body —— that light may help you become used to



the area you visit.So, if you fly east to west, stay outside for several hours in the afternoon on the day you arrive to ——-yourself to the sun and get out early the next morning.



Questions 144-146 refer to the following memorandum.

Yesterday, November 10, at approximately 3 p.m. we had a temporary—— of services.



At the time, an electrician was setting up some electric outlets in the machine room, ——– various



network servers are housed.When he was finishing up, he found a loose wire which he connected the other day, so he had to reconnect it. However, it appears that when reconnecting it, he made some mistakes. ——–the machines affected were the new NS3, one of the primary name servers, and Happer,



Questions 147-149 refer to the following statement.

You may wish to modify an employee’s contract of employment as the nature of your business changes or you undergo changing economic circumstances, whichever it may be for you.
Please make sure you —— yourself thoroughly with the details of the existing contracts before

Considering —— modifications you want to make.



And discuss any changes with your employees, fully explaining the reasons for any planned change and take into —— the influence of the modifications on them.



If an agreement isn’t reached on changes, you’d better try to negotiate a new contract.

Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter.

Dear donors,

We are extremely grateful for your generous ———- to UNICEF.



The money you donated will help UNICEF provide both immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation of essential services for children in need.

Our review committee recently found that in 55 out of 80 villages, water systems have been severely damaged. Therefore, there’s an—– need for expanding the distribution of bottled water



and sanitation systems.

Another major challenge includes the threat of landmines. Many children are presently receiving treatment in the hospitals for injuries resulting from remnants of bombs. So as to alleviate the problem, UNICEF is involved in a campaign to ——- people to the dangers of unexploded bombs.



We are appealing to you, companies, and foundations for continuous support.

Thanks again for your generosity.


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