[Giải đề] Economy TOEIC RC 1000 Volume 1 – Actual Test 5 – Part 5

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Phần Part 5 – Incomplete Sentences gồm các câu từ 101-140, tại phần này bạn phải vận dụng các kiến thức về ngữ pháp và từ vựng để có thể hoàn thành tốt nhất Part 5. ( Xem thêm => Chiến lược làm Part 5 tốt nhất).

Sau khi trả lời xong tất cả, các bạn kéo xuống dưới cùng và ấn vào ” Chấm điểm” để xem kết quả trả lời đúng/ sai thế nào nhé

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Các bạn chú ý làm hết bài test part 5 gồm 40 câu rồi mới chấm điểm nhé!

101. If you want to purchase a lower priced ticket, either contact us through regular mail……..call our hotline and then we will send you an application immediately.


102. In order to brand your business, you’d better include your….in every letter you send to customers, which helps remind them of whom they do business with.


103. We are proud to announce that Dax Shepard has been……as our new managing director to oversee corporate expansion in Europe.


104. The general manager has………that any information customers enter be used only to respond to their inquiries and requests.


105. This list is comprised of thousands of……..to various magazines, including computers, automobiles, garments and electronics.


106. Additional information on…….financial aid such as grants and scholarships can be obtained from career offices at each university.


107. We are opening a fully renovated condominium………located in a quiet setting, and complete with many amenities.


108. ……..for reconstruction contracts has been getting stiffer over the years since it can generate enormously lucrative earnings.


109. Many people were standing in line outside of the box office to……..a limited number of low-cost tickets, which are offered as specials each month.


110. The article provides readers with tips on how to get……..out of debt by setting financial goals and eliminating unnecessary spending.


111. ……. all the alterations to the plan have been approved, they should be submitted to the appropriate office no later than the end of the month.


112. Ms.Cordova was struggling to successfully complete the task assigned to her by……..


113. The general hospital was able to improve patient care significantly without hiring more staff by …….. in a new information system.


114. Automakers are recovering from weak results ……. a series of complicated restructuring processes, and experiencing increased revenues and profits as a result.


115. Our experienced and skilled technicians can be of much help in the event that you…….delete something essential from the program.


116. Most companies like all their employees…… on innovative products and to believe passionately in their mission.


117. Researching an employer’s organizational structure, products, services and reputation is a highly recommended……for those preparing for job interviews.


118. Under no circumstances may you copy or distribute any secret information…. .appropriate written permission from us.


119. It is important to look through the documents……. that everyone in charge can know at which stage they should be completed.


120. Most of the hotels have their own pool and sun terrace with a pool- side bar which serves drinks and snacks… the day.


121. When the ….. for this new safety policy was under consideration by the managers, a number of experts were asked for their comments.


122. We do apologize for the inconvenience resulting from the service which is now temporarily…….


123. The restaurant,closed for extensive renovations, assured customers that it…them with better-quality food and exceptional service.


124. Any employees who are… late or absent from work may be subject to disciplinary actions, regardless of their position.


125. Most of the employees are entitled to a maximum of one hour for a lunch break, depending on… assigned work schedule.


126. Your personal information, including credit card numbers, mailing address, e-mail address and phone numbers, will be collected in order for us to…. .your order for products.


127. A questionnaire asked… to evaluate the appearance and the overall brightness of the new merchandise.


128. When the installation process is….. and an “OK” screen appears on the computer, please remove the last CD and click “reboot.”


129. All the workers are required to…. ..verify that the proper maintenance of storage facilities is conducted with extreme care.


130. The growing number of vacant housing units on the….for more than 6 months implies that excessive supply still exists.


131. The elegant hotel we stayed at was…..and bright and had a private entrance and patio with a view of the ocean.


132. …. to focus resources and investment on this rapidly growing business, we have to make a strategic decision.


133. We, one of the leading manufacturing companies, would like to build a……beneficial relationship with your esteemed company.


134. Please read the terms and conditions carefully to determine whether or not you can request a refund or …….for the products you ordered.


135. Applicants are advised to fill out an application form concisely to impress potential employers, without being too..…or boring.


136. Passengers will get to their destination on time…… our departure time is a little late due to a mechanical problem.


137. All the terms of the agreement must be clear so that the meaning and intent won’t be……by either party.


138. People don’t put much importance into a powerful marketing tool and…… miss the opportunity to gain more potential customers.


139. The plans are under serious consideration……..extension of better garbage collection, street maintenance and adequate sewage services into the province.


140. You’d better consider the factors that assess the effectiveness of the……..training system and implement corrective actions in a timely manner.


Đáp án:
Giải thích: 
– enlisted (gia nhập)
– opportune (cơ hội)
– international (quốc tế)
– appropriate (thích hợp), đừng nhầm lẫn với từ appreciate
– in a timely manner: một cách kịp thời.
– assess: đánh giá
Dịch: Bạn nên xem xét các yếu tố đánh giá hiệu quả của hệ thống đào tạo thích hợp và thực hiện các hành
động khắc phục 1 cách kịp thời.
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