[Giải đề] Economy TOEIC RC 1000 Volume 4 – Actual Test 3 – Part 5

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Phần Part 5 – Incomplete Sentences gồm các câu từ 101-140, tại phần này bạn phải vận dụng các kiến thức về ngữ pháp và từ vựng để có thể hoàn thành tốt nhất Part 5. ( Xem thêm => Chiến lược làm Part 5 tốt nhất).

Sau khi trả lời xong tất cả, các bạn kéo xuống dưới cùng và ấn vào ” Chấm điểm” để xem kết quả trả lời đúng/ sai thế nào nhé

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Các bạn chú ý làm hết bài test part 5 gồm 40 câu rồi mới chấm điểm nhé!


101. ——- personal checks nor credit cards will be accepted as payment for the products.


102. Due to his impressive ——- and experience, Rajan was offered interviews with three of Australia’s top food companies.


103. Anyone who wants to —– — in the meeting is expected to send an e-mail to the following address within the next two weeks.


104. The introduction of debit cards gave consumers even more…. with their money, allowing them to withdraw cash from both ATMs and bank tellers.


105. His goal has always been to provide the best possible service to ——-customers.


106. Failure to deliver your merchandise —– — the estimated delivery date will give customers the right to cancel their order without written


107. The supervisor of the marketing department, Ms. Smith, —– — all the statistics that were needed for the report


108. It appears that Chet Roberts has succeeded in —– — a third restaurant which will match the quality of his other two locations.


109. —– — cold weather over the past two months has caused gas shortages as distribution networks have struggled to meet demand.


110. Purchase order organizer software is a flexible sales and purchase record management utility that keeps track of all business-related activities in an —– — manner.


111. To avoid additional charges and the embarrassment of repacking at the airport, please make sure you weigh your luggage —– — leaving home.


112. Derek’s Sporting Goods now has over 400 stores —– — located in more than 40 states across the country.


113. The Thoth foldable chair requires some ——- but detailed instructions are provided.


114. A market study by the ARC Advisory Group predicts that the geospatial industry —– — by 50% over the next five years.


115. Mr. Forbes has yet to make his official school-sponsored ——- to California, though he is planning to make it the first week of September.


116. DriveAgain is an organization —– — to helping people with injuries, disabilities or driving challenges regain their driving independence.


117. The seminar —– — with discussions on research topics that need to be addressed further.


118. ——-the position has been filled, all the other applicants will be notified.


119. Most importantly, clients of Toka can use this product at the same cost —– — traditional environmentally-unfriendly materials.


120. The district rules assessment team coordinated an —– — evaluation of performance standards and emerging technologies.


121. The director of the planning department commended Mr. Ken Seo for how —– — he drew up the blueprints for the newly proposed power plant.


122. We take every appropriate measure to ensure that your personal information is kept —–


123. Sign up to receive our free newsletter and you will —– — receive update notifications and other news via e-mail.


124. There are quite a few great shops which are all —– — walking distance.


125. Become a member of ThriftyAsia.com and be entitled to discounts —– — in Asia!


126. Personal information gathered about customers —– — in leasing a solar panel system is only accessible to appropriate personnel.


127. The management —– — that revenue from online games and advertising will increase in the second quarter compared to the prior quarter.


128. Provisions of the new national health reform law could reduce patient —– — on emergency departments for non-urgent health problems.


129. There are —– — only a limited number of manufacturers able to supply TB products with sufficient guarantees of safety and efficacy.



130. When compared with the traditional method of cleaning by wet mopping, the new method was —– — more effective in removal of microbial contamination.


131. The government will —– — new-policies today to obtain information about entrepreneurs operating businesses online.


132. As Flochester’s product line continued to grow, ——- did the company’s space needs.


133. Our fitness staff are —– — of your interest and participation in their respective classes.


134. The R&D department has —– — about conducting the new research because of budget cuts within the company.


135. —– — reserve tickets for this event, please fill in the form below and your tickets will be emailed to you.


136. Opera’s free and ——- web browser allows you to experience the web on your own terms.


137. National fertilizers provided by True Organic Food can be —– — by their green labels.


138. Gardens will also be featured as a tour option —– — the conference on Friday.


139. Before Gallux Corporation was rated as one of the best telecommunications companies in the country, it ——-expanding its operations worldwide.


140. This study follows yet another which carried out numerous —– — into using a pre-cleaner to save money on freight costs.



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